What is a clairvoyant?

Someone who receives information through visions and images in their mind. The word clairvoyance is of French origin, “clair” means “clear” and “voyant” means “seeing.” There are other important “clair” senses too and during a reading a psychic or medium may experience one or more of them. Clairaudience means “clear hearing.” Clairsentience means “clear feeling.” Clairalience means “clear smelling.” Clairgustance means “clear tasting.” Claircognizance means “clear knowing.” Clairtangency or psychometry means “clear touch.” Even though I primarily use my clairvoyant ability, I also receive information from my other 5 intuitive senses as well.

What is a medium?

Someone who is a conduit or channel for information received from the spirit of a loved one who has passed on. Every medium works in a different way to provide evidence. For myself, it is easy for me to feel the personality of this person and see them in my mind’s eye. Sometimes they will show things they loved to do in life, for example, playing football, a hole in one, a piece of jewelry or doing embroidery. No matter how they come through, they always communicate what’s needed and some of them even choose to become our Guardian Angels. Our loved ones are always with us and helping us from the other side. With love, nothing is impossible.

What are Tarot or Oracle cards?

Tarot cards and Oracle cards are a tool to help guide your intuition. The origin of Tarot cards is found in many different places around the world from both Eastern and Western cultures. Oracle cards are a more modern day interpretation of Tarot in which there are no hard and fast rules but they surround a theme, deity or culture. I started the Wausau Psychic Tarot Club because I want to change public perception of Tarot cards and to remove the shroud of ignorance and fear of the unknown. There is nothing “supernatural” or “paranormal” about intuition and tools to help you grow your intuitive skills can be very empowering for people of all ages. Anyone can learn to read Tarot. For more about the Wausau Psychic Tarot Club, follow my Facebook page for dates on our next meeting.

Do you do parties or events?

Yes, I would love to share my gifts with your friends and family! Please ask me about sharing my Tarot readings or mediumship ability for your next get-together by email or my Contact page.

Do you do intuition training for business or corporate events?

Yes, please ask me how I can help you train your people to maximize their potential gift of intuition to focus, pinpoint and increase creativity, inspire problem solving and remove blocks to profitability. Your business has a life force of its own. I can see where the energy either dead ends or flows and it usually has something to do with a single process or even an employee or client. A stagnant business can lose or bleed thousands or millions of dollars because of one small misstep or investment. The way to prevent or reverse this starts with you and your employees. If you’ve tried everything else, why not try working with someone who can diagnose using a different set of rules? Intuition is a game changer. Check out this interesting article in Fortune magazine about executives who work with reputable psychics.

What is your ethnic background and history?

I’m a Hmong first generation immigrant born in a refugee camp in Thailand post-Vietnam war. My paternal grandparents were Hmong shamanic practitioners and healers but I was raised Christian Protestant Methodist. In my previous career aspirations, I was a professional artist and acrylic painter. I learned about my psychic ability through my art and it’s deep connection to my ancestral Hmong heritage. My paintings became a starting point for my understanding of the visual imagery of Tarot cards which jump started a spiritual journey and changed my life. I sought professional training to learn how to harness my intuition and have spent thousands of dollars to work with the best. I am a graduate of the International School of Clairvoyance and continue to work with international psychic Debra Katz with her students on a volunteer basis.

Why do you volunteer?

The greatest gift is to be able to give to others. It is an honor to serve and help those in need. You’ll see me out in the Wausau community working with different non-profit organizations, donating to charities such as Empty Bowls, volunteering at The Women’s Community and facilitating the Wausau Psychic Tarot Club. I help law enforcement, the Wausau Paranormal Research Society and different not-for-profit entities with my services pro bono. Do not hesitate to approach me for help for your specific cause or charity.