My reading with Nedra was eerily spot on and exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve had a lot of readings before so I don’t expect to experience different things with new people but Nedra’s style was unique and fresh. She answered all my questions without me ever having to ask them and after the call I felt clear on what needed to happen next. What a talent! - Sally Hope

Nedra was immensely helpful in helping me see what the universe has in store for me. Her visions of my life we so spot on and enlightening at the same time! It truly was a gift to talk to her and I couldn’t recommend her more! She’s amazing! - Marielle Kehoe

I had a great reading with Nedra. She knew nothing about me prior and gave some very accurate insights about my personality and nature. She seemed to have a clear idea about where I am in my life right now. Nedra offered advice without judgment and really seemed to understand my current struggles. At the beginning, she conveyed everything coming through to her and at the end was happy to answer all of my questions in detail. On top of all of that, she couldn't have been sweeter or easier to talk to. It felt like talking to a good friend who had a lot more insight on what was going on behind the scenes. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a general intuitive reading. - Shannon D.

I had an amazing reading with Nedra. She was able to articulate and distinguish clearly between mine and my partners' energy. She described perfectly the parts of our relationship that weren't functioning well and gave me a couple of scenarios that were helpful. I would recommend her highly! - Stephanie O

Nedra made me experience a powerful session of 60 minutes. She was eager to give me what she had received meanwhile she was waiting to meet with me. She had a lot to express and it touched me deeply. It was nothing new for me but it was another way of insisting on taking care of myself. I felt a good energy to nourish my healing journey. She answered my questions, insisting on elements I did not give her and that were making sense and keeping me safe. - Emma Medina-Castrejon

I was blessed with the opportunity to have a reading done by, in my opinion, a person with profound insight. While listening to her voice, I could literally feel her energy meeting with mine… Nedra's reading was on the mark, and her reassuring me that I truly am at a crossroads in my life and that I really am in control of the direction it can go was empowering. I know I have found the person that I will trust reaching out to… Thank you so much Nedra. – Vicki B.

Thank you Nedra, for your beautiful reading. It was really powerful and full of Aha moments. It opened my heart and it most certainly opened my eyes. You touched my soul and showed me how to heal. You are a beautiful person and a amazing psychic reader. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love, Gabriela xxx - Gabriela Greganova

Nedra is an excellent psychic, she is very precise and clear with her information. Without any questions from my side she revealed everything that was most important for my life at the moment. She works very ethically correct and professional, at the same time she has got a very warm and kind personality. I actually had a lot of fun during our time together! - Katrin B.

Nedra is such an awesome psychic! So right on and accurate. She immediately "tuned" into what was going on in my life and was even spot on with things that will happen in the future, that actually happened. On top of that, she is so kind and warm. I felt immediately at peace when she was reading me. And as a bonus, she is a healer as well and so at the end of the reading, I felt such a shift in a way I felt for days after having a reading from her. I highly recommend her. -  Jari Pohankova, RN, MED, ALSP Agape LIcensed Spiritual PRactitioner

I contacted Nedra for a general reading. I felt she really connected with me, my past and my present. She was able to communicate with my deceased parents and give me some peace with their passing. She was also able to communicate with someone very close to me and cut ties to their past. She was able to see me in a way that I could never see myself and guide me in what I need to do. Thank you, Nedra, for your insight and allowing me to experience your gift! - Jennifer Y.

Nedra really gave me a step into the spiritual world. She gave me exactly what I was looking for and filled the missing piece in my life. I highly recommend her to ANYONE searching for answers, needing some spiritual guidance, or just someone to talk to in general." - Savannah C. 

I had a reading with Nedra a few days ago and it was such a great experience. She painted a beautiful and accurate picture of me and who I am and came with great advice for my future possibilities. She rounded the session off in a very warm, loving and encouraging way which was very nice as I’d gotten a bit emotional during the reading. I can strongly recommend doing a reading with her and I’ll definitely use her in the future. - Amanda Maag

I am a first year college student and was stressed about plotting my academic future. I heard about Nedra through some colleagues on Facebook and decided to reach out for some guidance. I was welcomed to our session with compassion and professionalism. Nedra explained everything that she would be doing clearly and made me feel comfortable as she worked. During our session, Nedra shared with me insights into my life choices that were highly accurate and helped me to see my current life options from a new vantage. This is obviously standard for any solid intuitive but Nedra took things beyond the usual when she took her intuited info and merged her findings with her considerable counseling ability. Nedra was able to help me recognize some patterns of behavior that were getting in the way of my enjoying my life. She was able to help me connect with a piece of the puzzle previously lost to me. With these results, I was able to make changes in my life immediately that have resulted in improved clarity, self awareness and overall happiness. I think its very useful to visit an intuitive once in a while to get a different perspective and what I liked most about Nedra is that her perspective comes from a place of compassion and “you can do it-ness”. Nedra gave me actionable advice that helps me to recognize my own power in my life while also reminding me that I am a loving being who is doing good by being in the world. After our session, I feel connected, compassionate and purposeful; revitalized to continue my academic career with direction, confidence and poise. Book her! This session was life changing! - Rocco D. 

My reading with Nedra was completely unexpected and exactly what I needed. She described current things I am experiencing with precise accuracy, and provided a lot of needed reassurance. I had never spoken with Nedra before, so her ability to pinpoint what was happening and bring related messages was quite impressive, and those messages have proven to be valuable as I continue to consult the notes from the reading. If you're uncertain about something and need some guidance, you won't regret having a reading with Nedra. - Dawn Lyons

Nedra was wonderful to work with!! She was kind and gracious while be accurate and concise. I felt like I was talking to a friend who cared, but had access to all of this profound information. I’d definitely work with her again and recommend her! - Jessica Verrill

I felt an enormous compassion in Nedra’s counsel. Her connection with me was loving and helped clarify the areas that I most need to focus. I felt that her reading gave me a reset point back to myself and what I have been missing for quite some time now. She connected with my higher self and my guides and helped direct me to what I am needing so that my future unfolds in a natural fun way. I highly recommend her. - Brian Berman

Nedra could see my situation very clearly immediately. She used beautiful simple images to explain different parts of my life and past lives, and how to transform them. As a visual person, it was very helpful for me to use images as a way to see and understand where I am and how to move forward. She also was able to do energy work on me, and I could feel the shift noticeably making a positive change during our session. Nedra's sessions glow with optimism and encouragement. She finds the positive and uplifting message even in dark or negative things she sees, which is a gift and leaves you feeling good energy. - Melissa Holtz

My reading with Nedra was fantastic! It was a great reminder to start putting my needs and happiness first and to let the universe know what I want out of life. My results were a little chaotic, as is my current situation, but everything she told me made total sense. Unexpectedly, the reading became somewhat of an emotional experience for me, but it was a real eye opener and definitely needed. Nedra was incredibly sweet, helpful, and I had a great experience with her. I definitely recommend her services for your spiritual needs and questions. - Victoria Mast

You really hit the nail on the head with that one. Almost brought a tear to my eye reading your words... With your guidance and direction I feel like I am finally seeing things more clearly. What a gift you have. And what an honor to have you share that with me. I almost want to save this a put it on my wall to remind myself every day... Thank you for your time and your kindness. You are truly wonderful. - Charlotte NP - Email reading

Oh my goodness thank you so much; I feel as if this is exactly what I am needing to hear. I think that is awesome you are comparing me to kokopelli as I drive by the largest statue (in the world) every single day :) Thank you so very much. - Meg A. 

Nedra immediately cued in on current hiccups in my life and with a gentle nudge got straight to the point to allow for healing. A life coach and an intuitive in one person is a different type of reading. It's a better type of reading and I'm so thankful for my intuition pushing me forward when I wanted to hide. - Kimberly Leneghan